Cream Cheese with Blue Cheese

Cream Cheese with Blue Cheese

This cheese is produced from pasteurized cows milk. We commercialize it in a whole range of flavours.


-7 oz (200 g) tub


Cream cheese needs to be preserved at 36 to 46 ºF (2 to 8 ºC), so it must be kept refrigerated, preferably on the highest shelf. Our cream cheese must be consumed before the indicated use-by date. Once the tub is open, it must be closed, kept refrigerated and preferably consumed within 2 weeks.


Our cream cheese can be presented and used in various ways: you can have it on its own or combine it with different kinds of meat or fish, jam, honey, quince jelly, vegetables, mushrooms, pasta, rice...


It’s a perfect kind of cheese to prepare canapés or to be used as an ingredient to make sauces for recipes and it is perfect for breakfast, snacks, lunch or dinner.