QUESERÍAS ENTREPINARES, S.A.U. (ENTREPINARES CHEESE, PUBLIC LIMITED COMPANY, SOLE TRADER) is a family company in the agro-food sector, which focuses its business activity in the manufacture of cheeses of different types and healing, and dairy products. It was created in 1984 by Antonio Martín Castro, who has been linked to the cheese-making sector by family tradition, which has managed to maintain the craft cheese-making tradition since its inception and combine it with the latest technological innovations. This has allowed them to be one of the first companies approved by the EU in the dairy sector.

Entrepinares today

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The company nowadays has one logistics centers and three production centers. One in Valladolid, with a production capacity of over 220,000 pounds of cheese per day, another one in Madrid, at the town of Fuenlabrada, with a production capacity of over 88,000 pounds of cheese per day, and one more in Vilalba (Lugo), with a capacity equal to that in Fuenlabrada, where references such as traditional Spanish cheeses, European cheeses, processed and cream cheeses are manufactured.

Processes in plants of Fuenlabrada and Valladolid are similar, although the final maturation and distribution are performed from the logistics centre which the company has built at the Industrial Area Las Arenas (Valladolid).

Entrepinares owns as well a processing plant of liquid whey (PROLACTEA S.A.U.) located in Castrogonzalo (Zamora), that collects and treats the whey produced in its factories and other dairies in the region. This liquid whey is transformed into whey powder, which is subsequently used in the food industry.

Committed to the environment

The milk used in the production of the cheese is collected from the dairy farms near the factories, in rural areas, which means a support to settle the population policy in this environment and it is part of the social commitment of ENTREPINARES. The company advises farmers on issues such as quality and food safety, and helps them to promote profitable farms.

ENTREPINARES staff exceeds 600 workers, while indirect job creation is even greater taking into account farmers, gatherers, transporters, distributors, etc.

ENTREPINARES allocates profits for reinvestments in their own factories, in order to keep them at the forefront of technology in the sector, optimizing and increasing the production and developing new references.

Quality as our aim

Entrepinares is awarded nationally and internationally due to our commitment to quality. The attainment of the most innovative and renowned certificates of quality worldwide is also a result of our commitment.

Since 2000 Entrepinares is an integrated supplier of Mercadona (the largest Spanish grocery retailer).